Fall Festival Alpaca Show

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Crystal Boot Award

  1. The Crystal Boot will be awarded to the Farm/Ranch with the highest point total awarded by category and placement within the halter and fleece shows.
  2. Categories will be awarded for both Suri and Huacaya as follows:
    1. Crystal Boot Range Boss Award
    2. Crystal Boot Wrangler Award
    3. Crystal Boot Ranch Hand Award
  3. Farms will be entered into one of the Categories according to the combined number of Halter and Fleece entries (one entry per AOA registration number). In order to qualify for participation in the Crystal Boot Award, each ranch is required to have a minimum of 2 Halter and 2 Fleece entries.
    1. Category ranges will be determined by:
      1. For Huacaya, total number of Huacaya show entries divided by 3
      2. For Suri, total number of Suri show entries divided by 3
    2. Fleece Exceptions
      1. Spin-Off and Cottage Fleece entries will not be included in the points accumulated. 
    3. Halter Exceptions
      1. A sire or dam entered in the Get of Sire or Produce of Dam is one (1) entry each.
      2. Alpacas entered into the Bred and Owned class, the points accrued by placement in this class will be added to the points accrued for a farm/ranch.
      3. Entry into the Breeder’s Best of Three halter class is made in the name of the farm/ranch and counts as one (1) entry.
  4. Placement Points:
    1. First Place = 6 points
    2. Second Place = 5 points
    3. Third Place = 4 points
    4. Fourth Place = 3 points
    5. Fifth Place = 2 points
    6. Sixth Place = 1 point
    7. Color Champion = 7 points
    8. Reserve Color Champion = 5 points
  5. Tie Breaker
    1. In case of a tie, the ranch with the fewest entries to reach the point total will receive the award.
      1. Example:

Ranch A acquired 25 points with 6 entries and Ranch B acquired 25 points with 4 entries. Ranch B wins the award based on fewer entries to reach 25 points.

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