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Fall Festival Alpaca Show

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Event Policy

Policy and Procedures for Service Animals and Companion Animals entering ABR Events

1)    All American with Disabilities Act (ADA) animals are exempt from the following policies and procedures.  Please contact the ADA for all questions and definitions at or for Colorado State and local ADA definitions and guidelines.

There are differences between service animals and assistance or companion animals as stated at

Service Animal – This is defined by federal and Colorado law as a dog (or miniature horse) that has been individually trained to perform a specific task or service for a person with a disability.  A service animal is considered an extension of a person with a disability and is allowed in any place that is open to the public.  A service dog can only be excluded from a business or public place if it is acting aggressively or causing a nuisance.

Companion or Assistance Animal – Companion and assistance animals are a product of federal and state laws regarding housing and are defined as animals that help a person with a disability alleviate one or more symptoms of their disability while in their home.  This can include a dog that barks when the doorbell rings to assist a person who has a hearing impairment or a cat that provides a person with bipolar disorder a reason to get up in the morning, take her medicine and go to work.  Only people with disabilities are entitled to have companion animals and even then, companion animals are only allowed in a person’s home.  Business owners and other places of public accommodation are not required to allow companion or assistance animals into their businesses.

2)    ABR follows all rules and guidelines set forth in the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) Show Rules Handbook for the current year.  All participants are expected to know AOA Show System rules and standards of proper conduct. This includes refraining from negative, obstructive or disruptive behavior.  Please refer to the current year AOA Show Rules Handbook for specifics.

ABR also is required to follow all Alpaca Identification, Heath Regulations, and Quarantine requirements as defined in the current year’s AOA Show Rules Handbook.  It is understood that these guidelines are put in place for the health and safety of all alpacas participating in an AOA/ ABR event or show.

3)    ABR has the right to implement additional rules and regulations as the current ABR Board of Directors feel is appropriate to insure the health and safety of all alpacas participating in an ABR event or show.

A)    All alpacas registered in the event/show along with all companion animals MUST remain in the venue from the time they have been cleared at Vet Check to enter the venue until the event/show is completed, or at the time the owner/exhibitor removes them permanently from the venue at the event/show.

B)    If an owner/exhibitor feels they have an exemption to the above policy they must submit in writing 30 days prior to the start of the event/show to the ABR Event Manager their situation and any documentation to support their exception to the policy.  At that time the Event Manager will submit their request to the ABR Board of Directors for approval/disapproval.  If approval is granted by the ABR Board of Directors the owner/exhibitor MUST follow all guidelines defined by the Board of Directors in writing. This is to include providing an ABR Special Veterinarian Form to the event Barn Manager each day of the event completed and signed by the events Veterinarian.  If the owner/exhibitor violates the defined guidelines they will be asked to leave the venue immediately with their alpacas and equipment.  Expulsion from the event/show may be permanent for all future ABR events.

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