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AOA Introduces NEW Show System Point Program

Based on the work and recommendation of the Show Points Task Force, the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) Board has approved a show system points pilot program effective June 1. Initially, alpacas and breeders will earn points at halter shows only, with the target of adding the ability to earn points at fleece and performance shows by June 2022.

The inspiration that guided the task force was greater energy leads to greater enthusiasm, which leads to increased participation, ultimately leading to more people wanting to be a part of our industry, which leads to sales. Taking it a step further, they asked, What is the aspiration of a Show Point System? The answer: To be recognized as a truly accomplished breeder.

Accruing points for halter at all AOA certified shows:

  • First through third places only receive points for Halter and Bred & Owned classes
  • Points are based on the number of exhibitors bested – this takes class size into consideration. For example, if your alpaca wins a class of seven, you earn six points, second place earns five points and third place earns four points.
  • Production Classes accrue points in the same fashion:
    • Get of Sire – sire and exhibitor who entered the alpaca get the points
    • Produce of Dam – dam and the exhibitor who entered the alpaca get the points
    • Breeders Best Three – exhibitor who entered the alpacas gets the points, alpacas do not accrue points in this instance
  • Champion / Best Bred & Owned – 10 additional points
  • Reserve Champion – 8 additional points
  • Judges Choice / Supreme, 12 additional points
  • Invited Champions earn a set number of points for placing first through third with first place earning six points, second place earning five points and third place, four points.
  • National Show placings earn double points.

A comprehensive overview of the program will be posted on the AOA website and available through Margie Ault, Show System Administrator immediately and included in the next printing of the Show Rules Book.

A big thank you to the Show Points Task Force made up of:


  • Hillary Devin, Shambalah Alpaca Ranch, Colorado


  • Bill Berannek, Rancho Inca Alpacas, Texas
  • Randy Coleman, Wings and A Prayer Alpacas, Oregon
  • Dale Davis, Derwydd Alpacas, California
  • Dr Bret Kaysen, Livestock Industry Expert, Iowa
  • Nancy Pulse, Pulse Ranches Texas, Texas
  • Carole Rost, Asgard Acres Alpaca Farm, Pennsylvania
  • Cory Wesson, Sopris Alpaca Farm, Colorado

AOA Board of Directors Representation:

  • Sharon Milligan, Red Granite Ranch, Colorado

AOA Representation:

  • Robin Gifford, Executive Director
  • Margie Ault, Show and Marketing Division Administrator

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